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New "Excellente" Clarinet Mouthpiece
with a change in core-bore and shape
Developed by Ignatius N. Gennusa, former principal clarinet in Baltimore, Chicago, National, and NBC Symphony Orchestras.

 This newBb clarinet mouthpiececombines tradition, professional experience and years of experiments with new technology. It is themost accuratemouthpiece produced anywhere in the world. The "Exellente" Clarinet Mouthpiece has been designed to give both the professional artist and the student comfort,ease of playing, beauty of tone and clean staccato attack.

 Innovative features are:

Pivot point which rolls evenly toward the tip
Tapered bore to give the professional clarinetist intonation that is superior throughout the registers
Soft rubber blend which produces a "cushioned" tone
Facing which accepts easily the standard, professional reed

 New! German Zinner with Gennusa French Facing

 Genusa $80 French
Zinner $125 German

Terry Guidetti interview with Ignatius Gennusa

 an excert fromThe Clarinet
Volume 21 Number 1, November-December 1993

TG: We know that for the last few years you have been developing and improving
the Gennusa mouthpiece, which is very popular among professionals and 
students alike. Could you tell us how this mouthpiece evolved?

IG: Well, I have spent a lot of time in trying to improve this monster called the
clarinet mouthpiece. During my symphony career I was sometimes very 
unhappy with the results of the reed and mouthpiece and was always 
changing, trying to find something that worked better and played easier.
During this period I discovered many mysteries about the clarinet
mouthpiece. These have to do with the measurement of the facing, the baffle,
the bore and so on. Even the type of rubber is important. So I made lots ofnotations and eventually designed a mouthpiece according to specific
measurements that work. I think I have come up with a combination of 
measurements that go together to make an excellent acoustical cavity
for the mouthpiece.

A Word from Ignatius N. Gennusa

We professionals know that a first rate mouthpiece must have certain characteristics:

 * A solid, flexible tone across the complete range.
* Intonation that is even and in tune throughout the four registers - low, throat, middle, and high.
* A facing which easily accepts the standard, professional reed.
* Comfort and ease of playing.

During my 30 years of professional playing, I searched to develope these qualities in my own mouthpieces, changing various measurements. About a decade ago, I crafted the right combination and designed what I call "The Excellente". I decided only recently to share this product with others. If you have already purchased one, you know what I mean. If not, you have a major discovery to make for yourself.

If you have young students, they will find "The Excellente" not only a major upgrade in their sound, but also an attractively engraved and packaged product.

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